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MOIST xLAB - delivers excellent results in reference to moisture detection
in bulk goods and powders

MOIST xLAB, the new moisture measurement device for laboratory applications has been specially build for quick moisture detection in powders, granules and bulk goods. The material sample to be measured has to be filled in a sample container which will be put on the measuring device. Within seconds, a moisture value will be available and displayed on the MOIST xLAB.

The achievable measuring results are excellent. In most cases correlations will be close to 100%, when comparing the microwave principle being used with MOIST xLAB with the reference methods that are well-established.

Taking this into account and its enormous measuring velocity, MOIST xLAB can be used best suitable for different applications e.g. in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food or ceramic industry. Days of laborious moisture measurements by using dry oven or moisture analyzers are numbered due to the availability and applicability of MOIST xLAB.

Referring to measuring velocity,
MOIST xLAB will be your new standard for moisture detection ...

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