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Overview Concentration Measurement


Microwave based Dry Content sensors can also be used for the instrumentation of concentration measurements in mixtures of two materials.

In some cases it is possible to measure concentration in mixtures with even more materials. Generally all unpolar materials - like oil - can be distinguished from water. Concentration measurements for other polar liquids like alcohols are possible too. For the desired application resolution and accuracy always depend on the material combination.

A very good example is the concentration measurement in crude oil. This measurement can be done with the microwave based dry substance sensors MWTS-N. These sensors are designed as immersion probes and give the measured water concentration in real time.


Using the integrated microcontroller it is very easy to observe dynamic processes or sedimentation processes. The microwave principle of the sensors lead to high sensitivity or can cover a large concentration range. For practical measurements this is great advantage, because each measuring system can be configured flexible for the planned application.

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