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Overview Dry Substance Sensors


In many applications of process technology frequently the dry substance (DS) content in aqueous environment is a question to be answered. Examples for this are sludge and mud from water handling processes, greenhouse-gas plants, fermentation processes or other biotechnological processes, sedimentation observation, food industry or pharma industry - always the DS content plays an important role in the process.

As counterpart to the moisture meters and moisture probes of MOIST series the microwave based DS sensors of MWTS series were developped. They measure - starting from "wet end" of moisture scale - the dry substance content in aqueous media.

The sensors are designed in different configurations. They deliver the desired DS readings in milliseconds if desired. MWTS sensors currently cover a penetration depth up to 6 cm and have an interaction volume of 20 to 50 cm³. Besides process monitoring in the industrial sector they are well suited for online DS measurements in laboratory applications and pilot plants.

Using the integrated microcontroller it is very easy to observe dynamic processes or sedimentation processes. The microwave principle of the sensors lead to high sensitivity or can cover a large concentration range. For practical measurements this is a great advantage, because each measuring system can be configured flexible for the planned application.

Fields of application can be found in food industry, in biotechnology and environmental technology, in paper production, in conveyour technology etc. Customer and application specific configurations can be realized as well as standard applications for high piece numbers.

Process Sensors MWTS N

DS Immersion Probe


DS Lab Measuring Station


DS Probe non-contacting

MWTS PP tube

DS probe pre-configured, tube mounting

MWTS PP guard

DS probe pre-configured, mounting in guiding tube

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