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Overview Level Measuring


Following customers desires on the basis of the moisture sensors of the MOIST unit construction set microwave level sensors MOIST xLevel were developped for

  • the monitoring of levels by level switching
  • as level switch for the ingress of water in solid and bulk materials.

The basis for this is given by the physical property of microwave sensors to have a volume interaction. This feature allows higher penetration depths and is not influenced by foams, bubbles or dust clouds forming on the material to be level monitored. With special sensor arrangements there can be monitored levels of materials with low permittivity too, which can cause problems other sensing principles like capacative sensors.

All level switches are intelligent process microwave sensing heads for level monitoring in solids, bulk goods and liquids. Fields of application are in conveying technology, agriculture, energy technology, food industry, marine and shipbuilding industry etc.

They can be used for level monitoring in conveyours, bunkers, silos, tanks and tubes. The sensing heads cover an interaction volume of up to 10 l and therefore can be used in applications too, where capacitive sensors do not switch correctly. Integrated antennas allow a range of the electromagnetic field of up to 25 cm.

MOIST xLevel sensors can become field programmed by an integrated download monitor. So an optimization of the switching points is possible in the field too. They are available up to protection degree IP68 and as EEx version too. Depending on the application they can be delivered with a PEEK or ceramic coverage. Mounting the level switches is accomplished by flange.

Process Sensors MOIST xLevel

level switch for solids and liquids

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