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Overview Microwave Scanner


Like all other radio waves microwaves have the special feature to be able to travel through non-metallic solid bodies. Inside these objects an interaction between microwaves and electrical and magnetical properties of the body takes place. From this interaction a lot of information concerning different physical properties can be derived:

  • material moisture
  • material density
  • material inhomogenities (cracks, clefts)
  • geometry of layers and laminates
  • presence and geometry of constructive parts

A single microwave sensor only can give a point or a line information. But in many cases only the multidimensional distribution of the wanted physical properties contains enough information about the inner structure of objects.

In process applications the inner structure of objects can be recorded with microwave scanners of the EM VISION PROCESS series. EM VISION contains line scanners and matrix scanners.

For laboratory applications scanner models of the EM VISION LAB series are available in different configurations and sizes. Especially for the building material industry the mobile scanners MOIST SCAN can be used.

For mobile recording of moisture distribution microwave scanner has been designed which are called MOIST SCAN. By using these mobil scanner, objects might be run over line by line or column by column. Information can be gained of several depth layers with just a single scan.

Microwave scanners can be used favourably in every application, where it is necessary to get information about the inner structure of objects non-destructively, fast and without any dangers or hazards. Fields of applications are in many areas like in building material industry, in packaging technology, in glass and ceramics industry, in manufacturing of paper and paper board or in the food industry.

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